Maya Jane Coles Music
Shoreditch, London - 2018

Mute Acoustics® designs and builds professional-grade recording studios for London’s residential sector. Each project benefits from IoA accredited acoustical expertise, chartered construction management and BIID endorsed interior design.

This combination of skills was employed to great effect here, on behalf of an internationally renowned DJ / recording artist, at her penthouse apartment in Shoreditch, East London.

The client required the freedom to mix and record tracks, whenever the creative urge struck, day or night; as such, a dedicated music practice room was the perfect solution.

Crucially, the studio needed to provide adequate sound isolation, to mitigate noise disturbance to neighbouring, residential dwellings. Accordingly, Mute Acoustics® engineered the space to control a broad range of audio frequencies (40-16kHz), as per the client’s musical genre (House Music and Dubstep), at a Specific Sound Level of c.85-90dB (taking into account the sound insulating performance of the pre-existing partitions, off-set against day & nighttime Background Sound Levels).*

Special emphasis was placed on creating a studio which complemented the client’s unique interior design aesthetic, such that the space blends seamlessly with the surrounding apartment.


*The assessment of the impact of noise is made by subtracting the Background Sound Level from the Rating Level (the ‘residual’ Specific Sound Level, with a character correction applied). Specifically, BS 4142 states:

“A difference of around +10dB or more is likely to be an indication of a significant adverse impact…

Where the Rating Level does not exceed the Background Sound Level, this is an indication of the Specific Sound source having a low impact…”